Monday, April 12, 2010

.22LR Bolt Rifle Online Sites and Sources

Looking for the right first rifle part 7

Shooting is a field where you can find the opinions and input of many firearm users and owners, but where sources of authoritative expert opinions are few. This may be due to the fact that most of the revenue for gun magazines is advertiser-based, and, as a consequence, few, if any expert reviews are ever negative... Using firearms sometimes comes with strong political opinions, and some sites full of interesting firearms information are simply too political to be acceptable to the general public. We are not citing any site with extreme political views, but there is no doubt that many firearms threads, even in those sites which we reference here, sometimes come with strong political opinions.

Chuck Hawks' Guns and Shooting Online site is an excellent source of unbiased information, some of which may be accessed freely, product reviews requiring a paid subscription which is totally worth its cost and more. Some of his useful articles are Recommended Rimfire Rifle Brands, The First Rifle, Small Game RiflesRecommended Rimfire Rifles, and Lapua .22LR Ammo. Gun Tests is another excellent source of consumer information. It is the shooting equivalent of Consumer Reports, and requires a susbcription for recent articles, although old articles are often free to access. Gun Blast, Real Guns and Sniper Country are other good sources of online expert product reviews.

There are many gun magazines, but few of them have a strong online presence. Some of the leading ones are Guns & Ammo, Gun Mart (UK), Guns Magazine, Rifle Shooter, Gun DigestField and Stream, Outdoor Life, Long Range Hunting, Game & FishWild Fowl MagazineAmerican HandGunner, Varminter, Women & Guns, Handguns Magazine, American HunterShooting Times (UK), Shotgun Sports, Handgun Hunter, Varmint Hunter, and Australian Varminters.

However, the best rifle information can be found on sites where user content is the primary attractor. The prime forum for rimfire rifles, and an outstanding one at that, is Rimfire Central (RFC). Other good sources are The High Road (THR),  The Firing Line (TFL), 24h CampfireShootersThe FireArms' ForumSniper's HideMarlin OwnersRimfire Shooting, Gun & Game, GrayBeard Outdoors, HuntingNet, Alaska Outdoors, North-East Shooters, CalGuns, Weatherby Nation, and many others. Many gun magazines also have an adjunct forum, although these are rarely as lively as the independent forums. As a few examples among many, some useful threads are Best 22 All PurposeBest 22, thread, Air Gun Practice, Best .22 Bolt Gun.

In the same way, user review sites give powerful feedback focused on specific rifles and associated gear. They are more difficult to use because they are so dispersed. Some examples among many others are Gander Montain and Cabela'sReview Center, RateItAll, or Buzzillions.

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