Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Available Varmint Calibers

Cost Effective Rifle Cartridges Part 15: Available Varmint Cartridge Chamberings

 The global share of centerfire varmint calibers among the whole rifle market seems to be shrinking slightly, as discussed our discussion of Chambering Distribution by Categories. Within the centerfire varmint category, we also seem to see some significant change in dynamics. While the steady and popular 223 remains a leader among chamberings, the number of chamberings for 22-250 seems to be exploding, almost rivaling the 223. In parallel, the very new 204 Ruger, introduced very recently (204, by Hornady and Ruger) seems to be growing very fast, with 85 new chamberings available in stock at Bud's. Other chamberings in the category show little life, with the 22 Hornet having a small renaissance in new chamberings. The 220 Swift and the 222 Remington, while showing appealing characteristics, simply are not present enough on either the existing market or among new chamberings to justify a recommendation.
  • Most available centerfire varmint chamberings: 223, 22-250
  • Upcoming centerfire varmint newcomer: 204 Ruger
Next we discuss the expanding category of medium game rifle chamberings... So come back soon!

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