Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Grilling by Mark Bittman

Fast, tasty, great grilling recipes: Mark Bittman, the author of The Minimalist's blog on the New York Times, has just come out with an outstanding set of very simple grilling recipes for summer. We find this particularly appropriate right now! We love Mark Bittman, the author of How to Cook Everything, and of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: his simple yet revealing style of cooking focuses on efficient, attractive recipes drawing on strong flavors and contrasts in textures and colors.
This set of grilling recipes ranges from artichokes to zucchinis, through salads, kebabs, fish and shellfish, and to poultry, burgers, lamb, beef, sandwiches and deserts. They are fit for meat eaters and vegetarians. No recipe takes more than a few lines to list. Try some of them out!

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