Friday, September 17, 2010

Best Bike Bungie Cargo Net: Cool Gear

Bike Bungie Cargo Net: It is well and good to have a bike rack, but how do you store something voluminous - anything without a hard case- on it? What about keeping content inside bike baskets? The best way to do it without adding significant extra weight is a bike bungie cargo net. But any cargo net is not enough: it actually has to work too.

The $10 Sunlite Bicycle Bungie Cargo Net  is a sturdy bike cargo net that actually works on most bike racks, and which can also help make sure that contents remain inside bike baskets. It is a 13" X 13" net made of 1/4" bungie netting, with 4 hooks that attach to to the rack. It provides enough tension and stability to allow the rider to set a grocery bag or two on top of the rack and make it reliably fast to the bake without tipping: " I used it to return from the grocery store about 2 miles away carrying one large doubled (one inside the other) paper grocery sack that was filled right to the top with very heavy items [...] 25 lbs worth of food [...] The net went over it easily without crushing anything, but held it securely upright over every bump", "use this little, well-made 'netty thing'to secure the stuff inside the front or rear basket/rack", "peace of mind and a feeling of security that nothing is going to fall out on your journey", "very strong, I've tried to secure a 3-5KG load using this net. No issues at all", "even when my bike fell over at one point, the dutch oven stayed on the back of my bike because of this net", "must-have for anyone who does a lot of shopping with their bikes. Much easier to use and better than multiple bungee cords."

While the Sunlite Bungie Cargo Net is a well engineered and sturdy item, it does not guarantee that free standing loads will remain in  place on your rack: "sometimes, a grocery bag will tip. The net will hold it in place, so nothing will fall out, but be prepared to stop and remount the thing. It seems to happen about one out of twenty uses." But it will make sure that no content spills. The only negative review complains of quick gear failure.

The Sunlite Bungie Cargo Net gets excellent reviews, with  97% positive ratings (38/39 on Amazon) and a likely error under 6%. In fact, it gets better reviews than any other bike net that we could find. We believe that it is an excellent bike net, which does the job, and is as good if not better than any other bike net on the web today.

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