Monday, June 7, 2010

Best Fishing Knots Video Site

Ever tried a new fishing knot, that you just looked up in a book,when going fishing with your children, to find yourself miserably fail time after time? Or, worse, you think you tied it right but see the first big bite of the day carry your hook because the knot was bad? We found the best fishing knots video site on the web to make sure that it will never happen again.

Video Fishing Knots, by Morten Kjems, is an outstanding site of videos. Morten, who has a slow, Scandinavian-accented voice, and sounds like a delightful old-fashioned Minnesotan, takes exceptionally clear videos of his knot tying sequences, which he comments step by step. To make the video clearer, he uses very large hooks and large-diameter colored non-fishing line.

The site carries over seventy knots of all kinds. A page gathers all basic fishing knots, while other specialized pages list line-to-tackle knots, loop knots, line-to-line knots, and fly-fishing knots. We found some knots that are commonly used here in the US on the specialized pages, such as the improved clinch knot - so don't lose hope if you don't see the knots you are looking for on the basic knots page. We did not find the index page as useful - so check the knot pages first, or the alphabetical index.

If you find the site useful, don't forget to make a small donation to Morten to help pay for his site bandwidth. Nice job, Morten- thanks for putting this up to help us all!

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