Friday, June 25, 2010

Massive Crib Recall

In a massive voluntary recall jointly led by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and crib manufacturers, 2.2M primarily drop-side cribs are being recalled by seven manufacturers for danger of entrapment and falls, possibly leading to suffocation. While six of these manufacturers are providing upgrade kits,  the seventh manufacturer is providing some discount coupons towards the purchase of a new crib.

The manufacturers that provide an upgrade kit are:
  • Delta (US): 750,000 drop-side cribs (five entrapments, one fall). Delta also asks parents to check any of their Delta cribs, drop-side or not, which may use wooden stabilizer bars for mattress support, because the bars may be installed upside down and cause mattress platform collapse. The number of cribs involved in the latter problem is unknown, as the CPSC indicated that Delta had not cooperated with the CPSC in that matter.
  • Evenflo (US): 750,000 Jenny Lind drop-side cribs (three entrapments, nine falls)
  • LaJobi Inc. (US): 300,000 Bonavita, Babi Italia and ISSI drop-side cribs (one fall)
  • Jardine (Taiwan): 130,000 drop-side cribs imported by Toys R Us (ten entrapments)
  • Million Dollar Baby (US): 160,000 drop-side cribs (eight entrapments, three falls)

In addition, the following manufacturer is providing discount coupons for future purchases for some of the faulty cribs:
  • Child Craft (US, now out of business): 50,000 stationary-side cribs (four entrapments), and all drop-side cribs (one entrapment, one fall). A rebate on new purchases is available for the owners of drop-side cribs. Use of both stationary-side and drop-side cribs manufactured by Child Craft should be discontinued immediately.
The CPSC specifically asks parents NOT to fix cribs with homemade remedies.

Want to read more about it? Try CBS News (with model numbers),  CBS News video, Justice News Flash (with phone numbers), Consumer Reports Safety Blog,  the Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Business Week, the Globe and Mail, the Christian Science Monitor, WebMD, the Cleveland Leader, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Tribune Blog.

Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)

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