Monday, June 14, 2010

Best Ergonomic Online Stores for Children

Children' s ergonomic furniture, kids' mouse, headphones, headset, keyboard, desk, chair, footrest, workstation - where can you find them? Children are affected by ergonomic issues in the same manner as adults - but finding ergonomic equipment for them is much harder. In fact, simply finding decently fitting computer equipment for them is hard enough.

In our research on ergonomic stores, we found two store with a decent inventory of children' s ergonomic or computer equipment.

Ask Ergo Works, an excellent, although pricey, ergonomic store, has a very good children' s section. They have ergonomic children' s chairs and footrests, children' s keyboards and tracking devices, kids' backpacks, and kids' writing instruments such as ergonomic pens, and pen or pencil holders.

Ergo Guys is an unusual ergonomic store. Behind the 90's online store front (which carries a caricature of the two founders), you can find a broad inventory of hard-to-find ergonomic tools. Ergo Guys has several children' s sections, with kids' furniture, kids'  gear, and other miscellaneous children' s items. There you can find children' s workstations, adjustable tables and desks, children' s standing desks, safe step-ups, art horses, and properly sized keyboards, tracking devices, and headphones.

Do you know good children size ergonomic resources? Let us know!

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