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Best Electric Lawn Edger Review

Best Electric String Trimmers and Lawn Edgers Review Part 15: Best Electric Lawn Edger

The  Black and Decker LE750 Edge Hog  is without a doubt the best electric edger on the market today - and an excellent model it is, even though the competition is weak. It is a 7.5", 11A edger trencher, with a light weight of 12.4 lbs. Motor power is 2.25 HP.  There are three cutting positions in trench mode for depths varying between 1" and 1.5". The Edge Hog can be used to install outdoor lighting or invisible dog fences. The shaft is telescopic, and an auxiliary handle allows more flexibility in holding and handling.

Users rave about how easy it is to handle and how well it does regular edging jobs: "easy to use and get the work done fast", "easily cuts the edge around your curbed lawn and with little noise or fuss", "very easy to use and works great on edging the flower beds", " plenty of power, and adjustments for depth and angle are good", "very easy to operate, heavy enough to hold it on track, but not so heavy I couldn't handle it", "my husband was skeptical, but after I tried it, he decided to try it and now is telling the neighborhood how well it works", "easy to use, has plenty of power and does a nice job", "very powerful edger, easy to set up out of the box, with good settings for depth, and does a very good job in my yard and gardens", "adjustable height lets you edge nice and deep", "very light weight and easy to manage. Blade cuts well and is easy to maneuver", "well powered", "little edger is a work horse. Easy to handle -Cuts like a gem- actually fired the lawn man this make it so easy", "powerful, does a good job on edging with option to do flower beds."

The edger can take challenges that appear more difficult than the average home owner's task: "this thing was slicing through 3-4 inches of THICK dirt and grass (4 years) growth like it was soft butter. I had to stop every 2 feet just to pick up the huge scraps and discard them", "I have been noting less than rough with it (careful, it will chip your sidewalk/driveway into little pieces), surprising amount of power. If you want to add that perfect finishing touch to your yard too, buy this edger, you will not regret it", "very satisfied with the product. I use it about 8-10 times a year. I live in Florida and have St. Augustine grass which is a southern species very similar to crabgrass in the northern states. It is tough. Many of the roots grow horizontally on the surface of the soil and creep over pavement edges. Trimming them is a challenge that the B&D edger handles quite well", "I had several years of thick over growth around my driveway, and this thing just tore through it [...]Edge Hog was able to cut through both the grass and the soil and still made that little trench along the edge of the pavement. My edges now look very clean and manicured."

While this edger clearly does a very good job for most people with average needs, it is not a professional unit with unlimited power: "it does clog with mud quickly when the soil is wet, and (probably unavoidably)wears blades fairly quickly", "quiet, powerful, lightweight and easy to use. Does a fantastic job with regular edging; landscape edging is good but not great."

Immediately after purchase, the first use of the edger is typically more difficult, as it is when you re-define you edges. Afterwards, later passes are much easier:  "we had not edged for a while [...] It took awhile to initially edge since we were cutting so much grass but it was well worth it", "yard was a mess. The first time using it took a while, but that was because I was trenching the lines[...] Since then I've had clean lines and works easily." The tools is easy to put together: "easy assembly", "easy to assemble and sturdy enough to do the job." The unit locks the extension cord in: "simple and effective cord retainer." Like most edgers, blades need to be replaced roughly once per year (or per season in long growing seasons states): "the blades easily last a season (I can usually get them to last a season and a half), "used it for over 2 years replacing the blade only one time", "in three years of use, I've only had to replace the blade once."

Many users come to this unit from gas edgers and find it a good replacement: "much lighter than the gas powered weed eater", "good replacement for gas: [...] gives my lawn that crisp finished look I want, it's easy to use and it is consistent", "amazed how well this little machine can cut through the toughest overgrowth (6") on my driveway. I had no problem handling it. I was looking at gas edgers, and am so glad I bought this model", " great value. Edger works great. I got tired of buying gas edgers and having them break down. Plenty of power, works just like the product description." Longevity is good: "have had this product for over four years and it has worked great", "I'm on my 3rd year with this edger", "highly recommend this edger. I purchased my electric B&D Edge Hog in 2005 and decided to finally write a review on it."

The trenching function works well: "quiet and more versatile - being able to trench and cut on a bevel", "lightweight, strong & even digs a trench for your edging or planting", "also used it to dig small trenches when I wanted to install some low pressure plastic pipe for watering a flower garden. The edger dug out a nice little trench that I could push the pipe into and then re-cover with soil and let the grass grow over it." At the same time, like the edging function, it is not as strong a trencher as a commercial unit: "bought this mainly for its bedding trencher feature. Making a defined border around our many garden beds is hard manual work. The trencher feature on the Edge Hog merely cuts an edge rather than a wider cut I wanted for the beds to keep the grass from encroaching.It does work nicely though as an edger."

While there are very few negative reviews, those that are found center around two primary areas. A few users have seen early failure in their units: " used this edger for exactly 20 minutes and the motor burned out", "
worked fantastic for about an hour, then just up and quit", "unit = smoking garbage after [2.25] hr." Some of these failures are undoubtedly standard early failure mode, while some may be due to inadequate extension cords, as too small a gauge will heat up and burn up a motor. Although the bulk of the reviews are satisfied with unit power, few complain about lack of power: "this edger only cuts about 60% of the grass and the rest it pushes away"," (Florida) grass was over the driveway about three inches in places [...] I made five passes going slow back and forth and it only cut about 50% of the grass that needed edging. Not a good purchase if you have St. Augustine grass", "It won't cut the grass, it just crush .. you won't get a fine cut .. it doesn't have enough power", " (Jamaica) it does edge but I don't think it does that well with my kinda grass and my edges have some stones. You definitely need a soft grass and absolutely no stones." Many of these reviews appear to apply to Southern grasses, known to be more difficult to deal with - although several satisfied users mentioned their use of the edger with Southern grasses or in the South.

The LE750 Edge Hog gets an excellent 85% positive reviews with likely error below 5% (231/272 from Amazon, Sears, Home Depot and Lowe's). These reviews are spread over an amazing 10 year track record. The Edge Hog is an outstanding edger for most home owners with an average size yard and we have no hesitation in recommending it.

Next we dish out advice (often found in the user reviews themselves) to first time edger users... So come back soon!

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