Monday, August 2, 2010

Car Door Edge Guards: Cool Gear

Edge guards for car doors: who has never opened a car door a little too fast or too far? For my 5-year old boy, I should invert the question: when has he NOT opened his door too fast or too far? Too many times, this results in damage to the door edge, or, worse, damage to the car next door:(

For some reason it is extraordinarily difficult to find decent door guards at the local hardware store. These Car Door Edge Guards with reflectors are inexpensive ($2 + 9$ shipping for two pairs), easy to mount, and effective. If your doors are too curved to mount them in the standard manner, cut them in half and install each half about a quarter inch up or down from the maximum curve location. As the item itself is so inexpensive, you might want to buy several batches at once, to have a couple in reserve and save on shipping :-) At we made a large group buy, and several of us have been using these edge guards as inexpensive but useful gifts.

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