Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Browser Market Share February 2011

How much market share goes to Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera? What platform to develop to, or which one should you adopt? Product and marketing decisions often depend upon our perception and understanding of market share for browsers and operating systems (OSs). To contribute to our combined global knowledge, we have decided to share browser and OS statistics for the ConsumerPla.net site to the community.

February 2011 browser market share for ConsumerPla.net

Our February market share statistics show what we find a somewhat skewed distribution. It appears to us that Firefox is over-represented compared to Internet Explorer (IE), possibly due to our recent series on Blu Ray media, which could have attracted a higher percentage of high-tech users. As a comment, however, we have seen Firefox' share of our pageviews go up all through 2010, and IE go down. Safari, at 12%, is probably close to representing the regular Apple audience. We are surprised by a relatively high percentage - 0.3%, still very low, of course, in an absolute sense- for Chromeframe (an IE add-on which makes IE behave like Chrome). On our site, Chrome is still behind Safari. All in all, we do not map well to the stats provided by NetApplications.

Want to learn more about platform market share? Check out our audience's OS market share here.


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