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Blu Ray Media: Best BD-R DL Discs Review

Blu Ray blank media guide : Best Blu Ray media
Best Blu Ray Media Part 3: Best BD-R DL Discs Review

BD-R DL Blu Ray discs carry double capacity (50GB) compared to regular size Blu Ray discs, thanks to a dual layer of data (DL = Dual Layer) on the media. Players and Burners need to be explicitly compatible with DL discs to be able to use them. At this time, it is never cost effective to use BD-R DL discs, when compared with regular BD-R discs. However, when limited by the inherent capacity of a regular BD-R disc, in particular for streaming media, it is not always possible to pick BD-R. In this case, be prepared to pay a premium.

We have already selected our picks for the most reliable brands of Blu Ray media, and separated them between archival and non archival grades. By restricting our choices to them, we can come up with a short list of choices, ordered by price.

Table 3: Blu Ray BD-R DL media from recommended brands easily obtainable on the net

The first reaction we had when looking at BD-R DL format prices was sticker shock. Where our recommended archival quality BD-R discs go for $2.18 per disc for 25GB, the lowest price for a BD-R DL disc from one of our recommended brands was $8.95 per disc for 50GB, i.e. more than double per GigaByte. Interestingly, in a BD-R DL format, there is no premium associated with archival grade by our standards, although the premium was significant in the BD-R format.

If your needs are not archival grade, the most cost effective choice is Verbatim 97335 BD-R DL 6x disc, for $9.00 per disc in 10 spindle packs. While the 6x speed is valuable, unless you truly trust the media, it might be worth going for the less expensive archival grade 4x TDK product mentioned below, which is also white hub inkjet printable (the Verbatim product is not).

The most cost effective media in BD-R DL format is archival grade: the TDK 48737 BD-R DL 2x disc comes for $8.95 per disc in 25 spindle packs. For only $0.05 more per disc, you can get a TDK BD-R DL white hub inkjet printable disc, with twice the speed (4x),  - a very valuable upgrade in our eyes.  The next best archival quality product is Sony's BD-R DL 4x white hub inkjet printable media, for $11 per disc, in 10 spindle packs.

  • Most cost effective non-archival grade BD-R DL media: Verbatim 97335 BD-R DL 6x disc, for roughly $9.00 per disc
  • Most cost effective archival grade BD-R DL media:  TDK 48737 BD-R DL 2x disc, for roughly $8.95 per disc
  • Best value proposition for archival grade BD-R DL media: TDK BD-R DL white hub inkjet printable 4x speed disc, for roughly $9.00 per disc

Next we recommend rewritable Blu Ray discs, or BD-RE media... So come back soon!

The prices mentioned in this review are the best across the top ten Blu Ray media stores that we selected, which we will review shortly. It is in general possible to find a touch cheaper - but you will need to evaluate your supplier. One option, which is sometimes cost effective for high quality media, is to purchase Japanese imports directly in Japan - there are several specialized retailers for this purpose. This option comes with additional risks and longer shipping times.

To understand Blu Ray lingo, check our lexicon of Blu Ray vocabulary. Our Blu Ray brand predictive quality rating process is explained here. Our statistical analysis practices are described here, which is also where we discuss's predictive quality rating.

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