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Screening Blu Ray Media Stores

Blu Ray blank media guide : Best Blu Ray media stores
Best Blu Ray Media Stores Part 2: Screening Online Stores

The DVD reference site has an excellent and well-maintained list of the best places to buy DVD blank media on line. When we reviewed the Blu Ray forums and the store offerings, we found out, however, that the best places to buy Blu Ray media on line were somewhat different from those from which to buy DVD media. In many cases, the Blu Ray blank media inventory of traditional CD/DVD media stores was poor, expensive, or sharply targeted at no-name or unreliable brands.We are listing below some stores that were referenced on line as being good sources, but failed our stringent requirements (:-), before listing our best picks.

These online stores did not make the cut

Adorama normally matches its excellent competitor B&H Photo move for move, and has excellent reputation among photo/ video amateurs. It practically does not have any Blu Ray media in stock. We are only mentioning it here because we researched B&H in depth.

Americal has limited inventory, a few SKUs with good to very good pricing, and a small set of rather poor store reviews. 

ANTOnline  has a very broad set of good store reviews, but a small Blu Ray media inventory, poor pricing, and no sorting to speak of.

CDRom2Go is often listed as a good CD or DVD media store, but its inventory of Blu Ray media is totally insufficient.

Colamco is a somewhat flawed storefront with early promise, but which disappointed us. We originally found it when searching for good pricing on some of our media selections: it showed up several times with great pricing. When exploring its inventory, however, we could never find the items we had looked up on a product search - they seem to be only reachable through Google price searches, as the categories do not reflect actual items in stock, even if they show on Google searches. The site seems heavily bugged. In addition, the ResellerRatings record is poor, and displays some worrisome CS stories.

J&R has a smallish, but not ridiculous inventory, mostly focused on lesser quality brands, poor site searching for Blu Ray media, decent sorting, and a small percentage of spindle packs. Its prices are on the high side.

Got Media's inventory of DVD media is broad and well priced. Its inventory of Blu Ray media, on the other hand, is largely limited to Verbatim, and its pricing is not exceptional in any way. has a few interesting reviews, but very little Blu Ray media inventory, and pricing is poor.

PCRush is another site which we started researching with excitement, but which disappointed us. The site is popular and has good store reviews. The inventory breadth is decent, but much of it is junk media, and the quality brands rarely show in spindle packs (mostly jewel cases). Despite good pricing on a small number of SKUs, the site is expensive, and sorting is poor for Blu Ray media.

Staples has a great set of CD and DVD media reviews, although its brand selection is very narrow. It has practically no Blu Ray media inventory. 

TapeResources is an excellent resource of professional audio and video supplies. its customer service is excellent, and the ResellerRatings reviews are outstanding. The Blu Ray inventory, however, is limited, there are no user reviews, and prices are high. has a mediocre inventory, unexceptional prices, no useful sorting, and some significant labeling issues (for instance, one of its popular BD-R DL products is called "rewritable," which wrongly indicates a BD-RE format).

TigerDirect is the most commonly mentioned rival for NewEgg in the market of computer parts and supplies. However, TigerDirect's inventory of Blu Ray media is mediocre, its pricing is all over the map - sometimes fair, sometimes gouging,-  it has very few user reviews, and its rating on ResellerRatings is poor.

Walmart has a very poor Blu Ray inventory, a few product reviews, and mediocre pricing.

Next we review Amazon for blank Blu Ray media... So come back soon!

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