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Blu Ray Media Stores: MediaMegaMall Review

Blu Ray blank media guide : Best Blu Ray media stores
Best Blu Ray Media Online Stores Part 7: MediaMegaMall Review

Media Mega Mall specializes in electronic media, and is often recommended among digital media forums as a good source for CD and DVD media. Because of its small volume, it is not often tracked by shopping engines. We were interested in finding out how well it would do against some of our powerhouses - we ended up being very positively surprised.

Site and usability
Blu Ray media can be found on the MediaMegaMall site under Blank Media -> Blu Ray.  Site speed is excellent, with 1.5 seconds per page average to display a right-clicked SKU. Of our wish list of 12 types of sorting and binning, MediaMegaMall provides nine of them: there is no way to select quantity, sorting cannot use best rating or most reviews, and, as there are no user ratings, it is clearly impossible to view average ratings in the category listing pages. On the other hand, there is a Blu Ray category, it is possible to select type (BD-R/ BD-RE), single/ dual layer, manufacturer, speed and printability, sorting can be done by price and best selling, and price per disk is provided.The missing piece, of course, is user ratings and reviews.

Inventory and price
MediaMegMall's very large inventory extends to 141 Blue Ray media, second only to Amazon. MediaMegaMall stocks 44% of our 89 Blu Ray test media, also top across all stores, even with Amazon.  MediamegaMall prices are on average 7.0% higher than the best price across our surveyed stores for media stocked by multiple stores, and score best across the category - this is a shockingly low number. MediaMegaMall has the best price for 9 SKUs, for a media stocked by more than one store, again rating best across all stores. MediaMegaMall records the lowest prices across the stores we surveyed. When looking at the 6 media we selected for Best Blu Ray media, MediaMegaMall stocks 5 of them, but for a disappointing 22.3% over the best price in the category for the media basket.

User reviews
There are none - a huge gap in in otherwise very promising site.

Customer Service
MediaMegaMall does not have a well established track record, possibly due to small comparative sales volume, despite having been in operations for 15 years.  It gathers only 10 reviews on ResellerRatings, with a very good 88% rating. On Google Shopping it gathers 140 reviews, again with the same 88% rating. because of the low number of reviews it has accumulated so far, MediaMegaMall receives a low 75% predictive CS rating, which we expect will go up as the number of reviews increases.

Table: MediaMegaMall Blu Ray media review (see legend below)

MediaMegaMall is an extremely promising site, with an excellent inventory -second only to Amazon,- good site usability, and the lowest prices across the industry. Where it is weakest is in user reviews - it does not have any. It also lacks an established CS track record. In another 6 months it could simply be the best overall site for Blu Ray media purchases. We are very impressed. We are, however, disappointed that our selected media basket is priced significantly higher than the stores' average overprice.

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Table Legend:
Total inventory: total number of Blu ray media SKUs on the site
Inventory %: percentage of list of 89 Blu Ray media that can be found at the store
Inventory % for selected archival media: % of SKUs that we selected in our Blu Ray Media review for archival grade
Site sorting: how many types of sorts and bins are possible on the site (out of the 13 we listed in our wish list)
Average query speed: the average speed to display a right-clicked SKU  - measures browsing speed
Average overprice: How much % over best price, for all media present in more than one store

Average overprice for selected archival media: specifically how much % over best price for the media we selected for archival grade
# lowest priced SKUs: how many SKUs in the store equal best price (if more than one store carries them)
# user reviews: how many user reviews we found on the site for Blu Ray media
Predictive CS rating: our worst case analysis of the likely Customer Support rating for this store
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