Friday, April 1, 2011

OS Market Share March 2011 March 2011 OS Site Stats

How much market share do Windows, MacOS, Unix, Linux, iPad, iPod, or iPhone represent on the net? In order to contribute to global knowledge on browser and operating systems market share on the net, we share our own site statistics with the community:-)

Our OS market share statistics appear to be reflective of the global marketplace when you compare them to NetApplications'  reported OS market share data, which is not true of our browser stats... Windows dominates, as expected, with over 80% of the platforms, followed by the MacOS with approximately 12.2% (lower this month) and Unix (including Linux) with 4.2% (also lower this month). Apple mobile devices represent approximately 2% of traffic. We still don't see significant Android presence.

Want to learn more about platform trends? Check out our browser statistics.

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