Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Best High End 5mW Red Laser Pointer

Best Laser Pointers Part 5

This section almost ended up blank, as there are very few 5mW red lasers in the high end market. We only found a single red laser that we felt could be considered high end, although its low price also puts it in the value category. The Atlas Nova wins the category by default:-)

  • #1  Atlas Nova 635nm Orange Red Laser Pointer: the Atlas Nova 635nm Red Laser Pointer is a reliable bright orange-red laser in a metal pen format, which can be obtained for about $25. It uses 2xAAA batteries. It is power-regulated. It does not need an IR filter, since it is red. The duty cycle is 100%, and the beam is more visible to the eye than standard red laser pointers. The casing is brass, and the outside is powder-coated. The engineering for this product is excellent, and its only weaknesses in the high end range are its push button, which has been known, rarely (one review only), to function imperfectly, and its case, which is sound, but does not compare to the polished or knurled metal of the high-end green laser pointers. This pen laser pointer gets excellent user reviews. Atlas Nova, a small company, is highly esteemed by the Candle Power Forums regulars. Its reputation is that of a supplier with excellent customer service and solid quality products. Atlas Nova can also be found on the Amazon Marketplace.
Tomorrow we will review our picks for the value red and green pointers... So come back soon!

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