Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shopping for Laser Pointers: Best Online Stores

Best Laser Pointers Part 10

What are the best online stores to purchase laser pointers from? As we are focusing on legal, 5mW or less laser pointers, we are not looking at some excellent suppliers which focus on higher power lasers.

The wisdom on the net points identifies these best suppliers:

  • LaserGlow is a high-end source of lasers of all powers, with an excellent reputation and great customer service.
  • Optotronics, also a high end source, caters to the enthusiast and professional market, but has only  a small number of 5mW pointers. Excellent customer service as well.
  • Atlasnova is the best source for cost-effective, good quality presentation laser pointers. It is a small company, but with a long track record and excellent feedback in the user community.
  • Wicked Lasers is a big supplier of high-end gadget lasers: high power, high performance, high cost. There are sometimes mentions of quality issues, in terms of underpowered lasers and DOAs.
  • DealExtreme is an interesting and unusual store: residing offshore in Asia, it offers good customer service, in general free, fairly fast (6-8 days) shipping to the US, and an enormous assortment of inexpensive laser pointers (and other gear as well). The do a fairly good job at electing higher quality items, although it is important to read customer reviews prior to purchase.  
  • The LEDShoppe, based in Hong Kong, is a similar setup as DealExtreme above, with good customer service as well. One big downside is that there are no user reviews, which makes it much harder to identify reliable items.
  • Amazon, as usual, has a wide range of laser pointers. Be aware, however, that many of the pointers offered for sale here are of poor quality. On the other hand, several of the suppliers and OEMs listed above are also available on Amazon.
Tomorrow, we will publish our review summary... So come back soon!

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