Monday, February 22, 2010

Best Online Sources for Laser Pointers

Best Laser Pointers Part 9

Where do you find good sources of information on laser pointers?  As usual, the best sources start with large, specialized forums, which group thousands of experts and many tens of thousands of relevant posts. From there, it is typically possible to identify sources of expert information, and good online sources. These forums are also often the best source of information regarding actual product reviews, both in terms of review of product design, but also, what is much more difficult, in terms of reliability and quality. Following the forums are large laser pointer distribution sites with product reviews that feature a strong user community (Amazon, of course is the best example of these).

  • The Laser Pointer Forums are the largest laser-dedicated forums on the net. Their very active community largely focuses on high lower lasers.
  • The Candle Power Forums are the preeminent source of user information on all flashlights and related information. They have a good forum on lasers.
  • The Laser Community is a small community of laser enthusiasts, with a somewhat slow forum
Some other sources:
Research sites:
  • Galttech provides a short review of some available choices, mostly for high power lasers.
Tomorrow, we will list the best online stores for purchasing laser pointers... So come back soon!

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