Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Slim 5mW Laser Pointers

Best Laser Pointers Part 7

Given the enormous number of very small pointers,  it would be nice to be able to find a very small, quality laser pointer, that is reliable enough to take on the road, or to have at home for a long time without worrying about breakdown.

There are two obstacles to this. The first one is that practically all small pointers, for size reasons, use difficult to find watch-size batteries, which do not last long and are not very available. The second one is that there is practically no reputable company manufacturing and marketing low-power lasers. The market is absolutely saturated with very cheap, small pointers from no-name companies factored by the distributors themselves, with no incentive to provide quality items.

The outcome is that it is practically impossible to find quality pointers in a small form factor, ideally a small 1xAAA flashlight form factor. But, thanks to the expert users on the net, we were able to identify the best slim pointer on the web, slimmer than a 1xAAA flashlight, but a bit longer:

  •  The Apollo Slimline Executive Laser Pointer is a thin red laser in a slim pen-like metal case, available for about $35, which is powered by 2xAAAA batteries. Yes - you read correctly - AAAA, 4 times A. These batteries are smaller that AAAs, and can be found on Amazon or on many other sites. They can however be difficult to find at the convenience store next door, so, if you are giving presentations while traveling, be sure to bring a spare set with you. The Apollo Slimline Pointer appears to be power-regulated. Its duty cycle is not specified, but the pointer does not get hot or unstable within the first minute. The pointer gets good user reviews across multiple sites.
 While it is not possible to find a true quality 1xAAA-size laser pointer, it is possible to find some pointers that are better than the rest. Tomorrow we we list the better smaller laser pointers on the net... So come back soon!

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