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The Best Online Ergonomic Resources and Links

Best Ergonomic Online Stores Part 8

Where do you go when you need ergonomic-related information on the web? What about repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), a moniker that is broader than the more restrictive Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  Ergonomic resources are spread very wide horizontally, but few of them can be said to be go-to, authoritative sources.

Ergonomic How-tos

Other Ergonomic Links 
  • RSI-Relief - a site for RSI sufferers, including on-site information and links
  • Ergoweb forums: really for professionals, not for people with RSI
  • New Ergonomic Chair offers comparative reviews of high-end ergonomic chairs on a blog
  • Office Chair Advice is an excellent site by industry veteran Duncan MacIntyre, which provides reviews and insight on ergonomic office chairs. It also comes with a provocative blog.
  • Ankrum Associates has a series of good articles on ergonomics, despite the slightly broken article category page.
  • ErgoStoreOnline has a good set of ergonomic links.
  • Eye2Eye is a commercial site focused don computer vision strain issues, with some interesting information.
  • is not, as its name would lead us to believe, a general purpose non-profit site about ergonomics, but is focused on the Alexander Technique, a pre-computers method about posture and muscle relaxation linked to benefits in RSI prevention and alleviation.
  • SpineUniverse and Spine-Health are interesting sites focused primarily on back pain and back pain resources. However, there are numerous peer-reviewed articles on ergonomic topics, such as this keyboard article or this ergonomic chairs article.
  • Usernomics expertise center: a very good site for a preeminent ergonomic consulting firm, with a large collection of links, unfortunately quite dated and frequently incorrect.
  • Usability News: an excellent site and feed of latest news on usability.
  • Workrite ergonomic links, a good list of links by ergonomics manufacturer Workrite, fairly current, but does not include links to how-tos.
  •  Cornell UNiversity Ergo lab ergonomic information for children
  • Geekhack: amazingly there are no good forums that we could find for ergonomics users and RSIs, but geekhacks is the forum where we find the most references to these topics.

Non-Commercial Ergonomic Blogs 

Commercial Blogs 

And, last but not least...

The Most Fun Links

  • Exercise ball workouts
  • Bad designs is a fun site, by Michael Darnell, which displays and illustrates badly designed everyday objects and tools. Recommended in conjunction with the seminal usability book The Design of Everyday Things.
  • The cheesiest and funniest commercial advertising  video ever by Kinesis - this hilarious video makes it worth buying a Kinesis keyboard (they are very good, btw) on its own:-)
Do you know of other ergonomic resources that you find useful or authoritative? Share them with us!

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