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Ergonomic Accessories Online Stores

Ergonomic Online Stores Part 2

A search to buy ergonomic products, such as ergonomic chairs or keyboard trays, online finds a plethora of choices that is quite overwhelming. What online store to pick is actually made more difficult by the abundance of options. Reviewing and comparing these stores can turn this obstacle into an opportunity.

Many stores end up specializing in either ergonomic accessories, or ergonomic furniture, such as desks or chairs. We will group these stores in three categories: stores selling mostly accessories, mostly furniture, and both. In each category, we will cover small stores first.

As we discussed in What makes for good ergonomic stores, it is critical for the store focus to be on ergonomics - we will not review large online stores with an ergonomic sub-section, as we already know that they are not going to constitute, in general, a good choice for the buyer.

Ergonomic accessories online stores

Ergo Pro  is a very small online store that stores green ergonomic accessories only, built using either recycled or sustainable components. The site design is clean, with some broken pages. The store focuses solely on ergonomic products. The inventory has little furniture, and carries very few of the high reputation brands. There is limited product information on the product pages. The site provides generic additional ergonomic and environmental information, including a good set of ergonomic body diagrams. There is no specific ergonomic information associated to the product pages. There is a very small number of product reviews. The site does not provide identified testimonials, or chat, and there are no resellerratings reviews. 

Office Ergonomics World is a very small Yahoo store, with a small number of categories and a small number of items in each category. The site design is cookie-cutter, and there are no product reviews or chat offered. Most items are value products. The site re-labels all of its products under its own name, making it impossible to evaluate the quality of these products. There is little product information provided. There is no generic and little product specific ergonomic information offered, no store reviews, and no resellerratings reviews.

Ergonomics Resource is a very small Yahoo store, with a small number of product categories and a narrow choice of products in each category, with somewhat old fashioned site design. It does not distribute most well known brands. There is limited product information available. There are no product reviews or chat, no general or product-specific ergonomic information, and anonymous testimonials only.  However, while the site is poor, the store has a hand therapist available on the phone to help customers make their product choices.

The Well Being Store is a small store with  friendly web site design, focused on ergonomic products. It has a very small inventory of mostly mid-range gear, with few high end brands, a very small furniture section. A keyboard tray designing system is based on Sunway products. There is no generic or product specific ergonomic information The site does not have product reviews or chat. It provides a page of anonymous testimonials and has no resellerratings reviews.

Avid Ergo  is a very small Yahoo store with a 90's site design, which has some accessories and furniture, but focuses particularly on keyboard tray systems. It has a commercial link to The Well Being Store previously reviewed, and also functions as the clearance center for that store. There is limited product information on the product pages. The site features an interesting interactive keyboard tray system builder, which helps the customer specify and understand what he needs, but does not totally remove complexity and difficulty in picking the right options, such as which arm to pick.  The site has mediocre design, provides no product reviews or chat, and limits store reviews to anonymous testimonials. The inventory is limited, both in terms of covered categories and in depth of choices within a category. There is no generic or product-specific ergonomic information.

Fellowes is a well known manufacturer of low to mid range office products. It has a direct sales site, which includes a small section on Workspace Ergonomic Products.  Normally we would not include it in our review, but Fellowes has included some interesting ergonomic workspace online self-evaluations, which enable a somebody with little understanding of ergonomics to get a quick read on their office setup and problem. Beyond this interesting application, Fellowes carries few ergonomic categories and products, mostly low and mid range, with little product information, no product reviews, and no chat. There are no store testimonials or resellerratings reviews.

Ergo Geek focuses on keyboards and tracking devices, with a fairly large inventory of generally inexpensive, value products across this range, and a slightly oldish e-commerce site design. While there are some ergonomic devices in the store's inventory, the site, despite its name, does not focus on ergonomic products. The site is a typical e-commerce site, slightly tacky, focused on commerce rather than information. There are some product reviews on the site, which carries excellent resellerratings reviews. There is no generic or product specific ergonomic information. This is not a true ergonomic store: the site competes on price and customer support, and does well on both.

Next we review online stores that focus mostly on ergonomic furniture... So come back soon!

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