Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oklahoma Doctors May Legally Lie to Patients

Last week,  Oklahoma passed a law (HB 2656) protecting doctors from being sued if they choose not to inform would-be parents about genetic defects for the baby a woman may carry, forget to pass along the information, or lie about it.

ConsumerPla.net does not carry a position in the pro-choice/ pro-life debate. This law, however, goes way beyond the abortion debate, by making it legal for a provider to lie to or misinform a consumer who purchases the most precious of services: health. We are all entitled to truthful and complete information from our health care providers.

The Oklahoma House and Senate have passed a truly bad law. Let's hope they come to their senses.

Want to read more about it? Try the Oklahoman, The Tulsa World Opinion, the Dallas Morning News Editorial BlogFoxNews,  the Wall Street Journal, National Post, CNN Opinion, and the Huffington Post.

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