Friday, May 7, 2010

Screening Ergonomic Online Stores

Best Ergonomic Online Stores Part 5

In the past sections of this review, we determined what makes a good ergonomic store, then reviewed accessories, furniture, and full range ergonomic stores. Before comparing and ranking the contenders, we need to screen out those which, while being good at some things, do not meet our requirements in some important areas.

  • There are also many stores with a standard e-commerce site, which does not lend itself to purchasing ergonomic products, where personal fit is so important - we except those with exceptionally broad inventory or unusual good prices, where such advantages might still be valuable. Their most common issues: not enough product information, no builders, no user reviews - there is not enough information to figure out what you should choose. In these stores we count Fellowes, Kare Products, Office Designs, Ergonomic Chairs Direct, Ergo Mart, Pacific Ergonomics, Beyond the Office Door, Ergo4me, and Sit Correct. Sit Better would have been in this batch, as their product information is lean, but their user and staff reviews are actually useful. Ergo Geek escapes elimination due to their very broad keyboard inventory and excellent resellerratings.
  • Some other stores clearly show themselves as ergonomics focused, but do not do enough to facilitate the shopping workflow for ergonomic product customers. Ergo Store Online carries a broad inventory (except for chairs) and can be a valuable resource - but it does not make it easy for the ergonomic shopper to find what she needs, the product information is not always sufficient to provide the answers you need prior to purchase, and it does not have chair or keyboard tray builders. Ergo In Demand also carries a broad inventory, but product information is often too brief to be sufficient for a purchase decision, and the lack of builders makes complex purchases difficult. Ask Ergo Works' professional site has a children's section, and excellent corporate feedback, but is also short on product information and lacks builders.
  • Several stores score poorly enough in store reviews that they might represent a customer service risk, even if there rating could be a fluke. In these we include Sit4Less and Ergo Direct USA. It is a pity, as both stores have a broad choice of products.
Next we rank the best ergonomic chair/ furniture online stores... So come back soon!

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