Thursday, February 18, 2010

The 4 Best High-End 5mW Green Laser Pointers

Best Laser Pointers Part 4

What are the best pen-style presenter laser pointers overall, at or under 5mW (maximum legal without a permit in the US)? The most expert net users point at these:

  •  #4 LaserGlow Galileo: the Galileo by LaserGlow is an excellent 5mW green laser model with a 100% duty cycle and great reviews. It is power-regulated, and includes an IR filter. It is available for $80. It comes in a very compact, handsome, slightly knurled, robust metal case. Unfortunately, it uses a CR123 battery for power, which is a great form factor and an excellent energy/volume ratio, but one that is not always easily available.
  • #3  Wicked Lasers Core: the Wicked Lasers Core is a powerful 5 mW 532 nm green laser in a fairly ordniary metal pen-like format case, and can be purchased for approximately $60.  It is power-regulated, and includes an IR filter. Wicked Lasers, discussed here, is considered a big name in hobbyists' lasers. The Core is powered by 2 AAA batteries, has a momentary on/off switch (safer) and a strong metal casing. A carrying case is available. While most reviews for Wicked Lasers are positive, there is also some dissatisfaction with Wicked Laser's QA and customer service: several reviews report DOA issues and difficulties in getting good customer support after problems
  • #2  LaserGlow Lyra G5: the Lyra G5 green laser, from LaserGlow, is a very good looking metal case pen-format laser pointer, available for about $60.  It is a powerful 5mW 532nm green laser, powered by 2xAAA batteries. It is power-regulated, and includes an IR filter. LaserGlow, discussed here, is a high-end provider of high quality laser pointers, with excellent customer service. The Lyra's duty cycle is 90 seconds on/ 20 seconds off. User reviews for the Lyra and for LaserGlow are very positive, emphasizing the high quality of the materials, the reliability of the pointers, and the customer service.
  • #1  LaserGlow Lyra-5: the Lyra-5 is a gorgeous 18k gold-plated presenter laser pointer in a  stunning metal pen-format case, with the same characteristics as the G5 above, and is available for about $90.
Are there other models that you you have used and  want to tell us about? Please share your expertise and experience with us. We will periodically update this list.

Tomorrow we will pick the best high end 5mW red laser pointers on the net.. So come back soon!

Updated: Galileo Information

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etech said...

I just received mine today, great laser for the price. Beam is easily visible at night and during the day it can be seen in a moderately lit room. Won't light a match but burns holes in thin, dark plastics (like a trash bag) and will pop balloons.

John said...

I always find these laser pointers helpful. If you'll let me choose one, I'll probably go for LaserGlow Lyra G5. I find the design very unique.

green light laser

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