Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best Cheap Small Keychain Laser Pointers

Best Laser Pointers Part 8

As discussed here, it is not possible today to identify true quality very small pointers. There are literally hundreds of models that can be found on the net in the category, many of them with interesting features, such as an additional LED light, or a pen. Their typically low quality, combined with the use of difficult to find watch-size batteries with little lasting power, make them a poor bet. In addition, it is important to be aware that these lasers are not power-regulated, and can be more dangerous to handle than proper, power-regulated lasers - although red lasers are typically fairly stable. Thanks to the expert users on the net, we can find some better choices in a small form factor: 

  •  #2  Coast Keychain Red Laser Pointer: the Coast Keychain Laser Pointer, powered by 2 AG5 watch-size batteries, available for $12, is the least objectionable of the tiny, watch-size battery-powered pointers. The present model has gathered some good positive reviews on quality and longevity in several places. The model remains stable for over a minute (we did not test beyond). The issues of battery life and battery availability remain, as does the lack of power regulation.
  • #1  DealExtreme Red Laser Keychain: the Red Laser Keychain (AAA) at DealExtreme, 1xAAA powered red bullet laser pointer, for less than $5 including shipping and battery, provides decent quality, although there are some DOAs, well taken care of by customer service. It is  a bargain that is hard to beat:-). It may actually be the only small 1xAAA laser pointer in stock available anywhere online as we are publishing this review. The model remain stable for over a minute (we did not test beyond). The lack of power regulation is still an issue, and can potentially result in higher power (i.e. more dangerous) than expected.
Clearly there is an opportunity for a good quality manufacturer to enter this market with higher price, high quality models, as we have seen happen in the high end flashlight market. Are there other models that you you have used and  want to tell us about? Please share your expertise and experience with us. We will periodically update this list with the information you share.

Tomorrow we will discuss the best online sources for researching, reviewing and discussing laser pointers... So come back soon!

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