Friday, February 19, 2010

Best Value 5mW Red and Green Laser Pointers

 Best Laser Pointers Part 6

There are value pointers of excellent quality available on the net.  By going for value vs no-holds-barred performance and quality, you will lose, for laser pointers, some good looks, possibly individual laser power testing (most high end lasers are individually tested), and sometimes features such as APC regulation.

What do the most expert users on the net rate highest among high quality value pointers?  The best  value 5mW pen-format presenter laser pointers are:

  •  #3  Staples Brass Red Laser Pointer: the Staples Brass Red Laser Pointer is packaged in the standard pen-format for laser pointers, in a decent metal case, for about $25, with a bit less power and quality that the next two higher-ranked contenders. It appears to be power-regulated. It does not need an IR filter, since it is red.  It is powered by 2xAAAs, and its duty cycle is not specified - but, in practice, it does not heat up or become unstable when ON for long periods of time (such as 1 minute). The product has good reviews, but, being a generic, does not carry the benefit of a good brand reputation.  

    • #2 Optotronics Premium 4.99mW Green Laser: the Optotronics Premium 4.99mW Green Laser, in the same form factor as the Atlas Nova in a similar metal casing, goes for $35 but carries the name of a bigger company and the additional luminosity of a green laser. It is power-regulated, and has an IR filter. It  is powered by 2xAAA batteries, and has a duty cycle of 67% (100sec ON/ 50sec OFF). There are few reviews for this model, but Optotronics carries among net users an excellent reputation for high quality products and top-notch customer service, comparable to LaserGlow. This excellent Optotronics product was very close to the #1 contender, but ended up losing out, despite its edge in perceived luminosity due to its color, because of its slightly worse duty cycle. 

      • #1  Atlas Nova 635nm Orange Red Laser Pointer: the Atlas Nova 635nm Red Laser Pointer is a reliable bright orange-red laser in a metal pen format, which can be obtained for about $25. It uses 2xAAA batteries. It is power-regulated. It does not need an IR filter, since it is red. The duty cycle is 100%, and the beam is more visible to the eye than standard red laser pointers. The casing is brass, and the outside is powder-coated. This pen laser pointer gets excellent user reviews, and is also the winner the of high end red laser pointer category. Atlas Nova, a small company, is highly esteemed by the Candle Power Forums regulars. Its reputation is that of a supplier with excellent customer service and solid quality products. Atlas Nova can also be found on the Amazon Marketplace.
      Are there other models that you you have used and  want to tell us about? Please share your expertise and experience with us. We will periodically update this list with the information you share.

      These pointers are excellent and functional. Sometimes, however, it is useful to have a slimmer model at hand. Tomorrow, we will list the best slim laser pointers on the net... So come back soon!

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