Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Computer Tech Support

Consumer reports just released their new ratings for desktop and laptop tech support, based on their subscribers' experience.
image by psd

Apple hammers all of its competitors by a huge margin, both in laptops and desktops. In the desktop category, Dell, then HP follow, at a very significant distance. - Acer ranks last. For laptops, Lenovo comes second, also far behind Apple, followed by Dell and HP - Acer ranks last again. The full report is available to Consumer Reports subscribers.

The gap between Apple and its competitors is staggering. I wonder what they are doing differently. Either way, the outcome is - according to Consumer Reports your support experience with Apple should be radically superior to that of any other brand tested.

We are big fans of Consumer Reports and have been subscribers for many years - join them as a member and enable more good research!

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