Monday, March 29, 2010

The Best Soap Dispenser System for Kitchen or Bathroom Remodels

When building or remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, one of the most useful accessories to plan is an in-counter soap dispenser, which allows you to get rid of the permanent soap bottle next to your sink. The soap or lotion container bottles used by these in-counter systems, however, are always small and constantly need refilling, typically through a messy refilling operation.

The Never-MT soap dispenser conversion kit is an elegant and ingenious system, which allows you to replace the standard in-counter soap dispenser container by the actual economy-size soap or lotion container that you buy. As a result, the soap dispenser tank can go from a few weeks to many months (years?) between refills. When installing the Never-MT kit, you simply replace the in-counter soap dispenser container by the Never-MT plug, to which is connected a 3-feet-long thin plastic hose, which, in turns, screws into your large economy-size soap container, resting on the floor a couple of feet under the dispenser. The Never-MT kits comes with multiple sizes of container screw-tops, and appear to work with most if not all existing soap dispensers: we found close to a hundred threads on the Never-MT, yet not a single one mentioned installation problems.

The Never-MT system, a truly viral product, has absolutely no marketing budget, and has been getting rave reviews for several years on kitchen and bathroom forums. It is one of those rare products which you try on, wonder why you did not start using it years ago, and tell all your friends about. It can be found for $10-$20 on Amazon, at CustomInserts and in a few small online stores.

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