Monday, March 22, 2010

The Best Wall Plug to USB Adapter Comes (Almost) Free...

Every few months I add one more device to the list of portable devices that I carry around, which need to, or can be recharged, through the USB port of my laptop. Being able to use the laptop as a universal charging platform is really handy - but - sometimes, for some reason or another, I need to be able to charge directly to a wall plug.

If I wanted to be prepared for this option, I would have to bring every AC charger for all my portable devices - and then more, since many of them do not carry an AC charger... To be as portable as possible, the solution, of course, is to buy an AC wall plug to USB adapter. There are a lot on the market. When you review your choices, however, they all seem bulky and heavy.

Enter the Amazon Kindle II (and later models)! The Kindle II comes with a USB connector, and an AC wall plug adapter to the USB connector. This adapter, however, is amazingly lighter and more compact than any other that we have been able to find. And - it can be purchased, separately from the Kindle, for $20 on Amazon here! It is usable worldwide (100-240V, 50-60Hz), and is limited to 0.15A of AC power, and 0.85A of DC power. It has garnered an excellent set of reviews, showing high reliability and usability, as well as worldwide capability. Today it has no equal. 

Ready to buy? If you are an ipod/ iphone user, along with the Best Wall Plug to USB Adapter, you might want to pick up a super-extra-short iStubz iPHone/iPod cable (3"), or just a super-short iStubz iPhone/iPod cable (7") to be more compact on the road (through Cool Tools).

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