Friday, March 19, 2010

Dietary Supplements That Work- an Amazing Visualization

A stunning interactive realization by David McCandless and Andy Perkins of InformationIsBeautiful, this diagram represents the state of the art in today's scientific knowledge about dietary supplements. We have been preparing for several weeks a post on supplements: we spent several hours today reviewing the data for over 50% of the supplements covered, and were in quasi perfect agreement with the authors.

This extraordinary realization, fully interactive, tracks, on the Y axis, the evidence for validity, and, by the size of the bubble, the interest in the supplement. Evidence is based on large blind placebo control trials only. The red balloons indicate promising new supplements where evidence is not complete. The higher the supplement in the chart, the more evidence for its benefits.

This is an extraordinary visualization, which the authors will keep on updating as new evidence appears. Check the original interactive article - a unique achievement.

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